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Frequently Asked Question in PESTICIDE DRONES


(1)Batteries used in 5 ,10 ,15 lit. drone  :

Genace Tattu 6S Batteries ranging from 12Amph to 22Amph .

(2) Working hours of drone in 5 , 10 ,15 lit.

Each flight time is around 10-15 mins depending on wind conditions . Hence in 1 working hour including  refill and battery change stops effective drone use will be around 25-30 mins                                                                                                                    

(3)Nozzle size of sprinkle liquid.

Ultra Low Volume Fogger Nozzles delivering droplet size of around 100 microns to ensure optimal drift in different wind conditions 

(4)Area covered by Sprinkling of liquid in single fly.

5 ltrs : 1-1.5 acres , 10 Ltrs : 2-3 acres , 15 ltrs : 3-4 acres depending of prevailing wind conditions 

(5)How many days you take for servicing of that drone.?    

Depends on service needed

(6)Size & Weight of drone.

Details enclosed 


(7)Which type of pesticides use for application of drone.

Pesticides currently used can be used with reduced dilution considering faster speed of spraying eg for paddy our client has used 250 ml/acre  with 4 ltrs of water for dilution rather than 100 ltrs  used in the case of manual spraying .

(8)Batteries,Propellers and its Charger extra requirement.

 Allspares available     

(9)Range between Drone and its remote control.

500 mtrs                                                                                                                                

(10)What are the chances of miss communication between drone and remote control?

Practically nil 

(11)Minimum & Maximum flying height of drone.  :

1 – 3 mtrs above crop